Resources for COVID-19

For Parents:

Coping/Managing Stress and Anxiety
  1. 心理学家介绍如何应对疫情期间的焦虑,有中文字幕 [Chinese]
  2. 谢刚博士:面对疫情,如何在应激反应下提升心理复原力 [Chinese]
  3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Managing Anxiety and Stress
  4. National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Managing Stress Associated with COVID-19 Virus Outbreak
  5. American Psychological Association: Five Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus
  6. Harvard Medical School: Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety
  7. 2020 Mental Health Resource List
  8. FACE COVID-19 E-Book
Responding to Discrimination
  1. Anti-Asian Violence Resources
  2. How to Speak Up Against and Respond to Coronavirus Racism
  3. How Asian Americans Can Respond to Covid-19 Discrimination: Acknowledge, Validate, Reframe
  4. How Asian Americans Can Respond to Covid-19 Discrimination: Use Your WITS
  5. What Bystanders Can Do When Witnessing Harassment
  6. Embrace Race
  7. Guide for Parents of Asian/Asian American Adolescents
  8. Talking to Teens about Anti-Asian Discrimination in the Era of COVID-19: Guidance from Research and Practice
Supporting Children
  1. 怎样和孩子一起面对疫情?[Chinese]
  2. 如何陪伴孩子度过疫情中的长假?[Chinese]
  3. 疫情中怎样保障孩子的情绪稳定 [Chinese]
  4. Preparing Your Child/Adolescent Emotionally for a Post-Pandemic World
  5. Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource from NASP
  6. Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus from Child Mind Institute
  7. How Parents Can Help Their Children During the Pandemic
  8. Society for Research in Child Development: Additional Resources on Supporting Asian/Asian American Children and Youth
  9. Helping Prevent Anxiety and Depression During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  10. Supporting Asian/Asian American Children and Youth during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  11. Fostering Resilience in the Time of COVID-19: Tips for Helping Your Child
  12. Helping Children and Families Cope with COVID-19
  13. APA Talking to Kids When They Need Help
  14. Tips for Helping Children with COVID-19 Fears
  15. Tips for Helping Children with COVID-19 Exposure or Infections
  16. Parenting a Teen through the Pandemic
  17. Tips for Children Schooling at Home Due to COVID-19
Preparing for Back-to-School
  1. A Parent’s Secret Weapon for Back-to-School: A Daily Report Card
  2. Tips for Parents to Manage Back-to-School Anxiety amid a Pandemic
  3. Getting Ready for School: Parent Activity Checklist
  4. Balancing Parenting and Working During a Pandemic
  5. Using Sleep as Your Family’s Superpower
  6. Dialogic Reading: Promoting Reading Readiness in Young Children During a Pandemic
  7. Supporting Kids with Their Schoolwork
  8. Navigating Behaviors at Home: Setting up a Contract
  9. Helping Your Child with ADHD to Focus
  10. How Educators Can Effectively Provide Emotional, Social, and Behavioral Support for Students
  11. Tips for Personal Hygiene and COVID-19 Mitigation Behaviors to Children Returning to School
  12. Tips for Children Returning to School Part of the Time (Hybrid) Due to COVID-19

For Children:

  1. Social Story about COVID-19 from The Autism Educator
  2. Children’s Self-Help Books about Anxiety (see amazon)
  3. MDSPH_FMSC Resources for Children_COVID19
  4. A free story book on COVID for kids
  5. Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus from NPR
  6. Visualization to Help Children Managing Stressful Energy
  7. First Aid for Feelings Workbook
  8. A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus Storybook


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